First Apple Gets Samsunged, Now Amazon Takes a Cheap Shot at the iPad

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By: Hillel Fuld

It has been more than five years since I started blogging. As the blog grows, so does its traffic, which means the internet trolls have to get to work. Over the past few months, the aggressive and nasty comments directed at me here or on other sites I write for, as well as Twitter, have been increasing exponentially. My problem is, I take this stuff too seriously/personally.

As the trolls get more aggressive, many people keep telling me that I should take it as a compliment. The trolls wouldn’t bother with me unless I was worth it, they tell me. While they are probably right, something in me feels the need to get to the bottom of this behavior and understand what makes a person spend the time to write nasty comments on blogs and other sites. I have yet to figure it out.

Now, you must be wondering, “Doesn’t the title say something about Apple, Samsung, and Amazon? Where is he going with the whole blogging/trolling thing?”

Well, not to compare myself to Apple (because that would just blasphemy, right, fanboys of the world?), but the whole blogging/trolling thing is the same way I view the competition taking jabs at the industry giant that has surpassed all expectations both in terms of innovation as well as profitability. While Samsung and Amazon are both giants in their respective industries, clearly they have both decided long ago that Apple’s undeniable dominance is something they will aim to change. Samsung actually says this out in the open.

Well, we have all seen and heard about the famous Samsung anti-Apple campaign. The Korean company even spent close to $10 million on its Super Bowl commercial, which did not focus on innovation, new phones, or Android, it focuses solely on ridiculing Apple and its fans.

Well, now it’s Amazon’s turn and they are hitting hard. Take a look at the ad below for the Kindle line and watch how there’s no mention of Apple, but you know very well who the target of the ad is. Enjoy.

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“First Apple Gets Samsunged, Now Amazon Takes a Cheap Shot at the iPad”