GroupShot for iPhone Proves There is Still Room for Innovation in Photography Apps

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By: Hillel Fuld

The next time someone tells you that the app ecosystem is too saturated for you to succeed as an app developer, you can point them to this article. If you have an idea for an app, and it’s a good one that has not been done before, you are not competing against the millions of other apps out there, your only obstacle to success is yourself. Let me explain.

I meet with app developers countless times throughout an average work week. They all have one thing in common and that is the drive to succeed. If they didn’t want to make it, they would not have bothered spending hundreds and sometimes thousands of hours coding and designing their app. Having said that, most of these developers have zero clue how to achieve that success.

Unfortunately, many developers see companies like Rovio and their Angry Birds success and aspire to imitate it. Not only do they want to imitate the success of these big developers, too often they even try to imitate the concept behind their apps. Most of them won’t go as far as to clone the app one for one, but they will take the idea, change it a little, and release their own app. Bad way to start any business.

The flip side is that many mistakenly believe that every possible idea has already been taken and so the only way to succeed is to copy someone’s else’s idea and improve it. Not the case, and there are so many examples of apps to prove it. GroupShot, a photography app released yesterday, is the perfect example. Need I remind you just how many photography and photo editing apps there are out there? Yet, the developers of GroupShot came up with a unique concept that has never been done before on a mobile phone.

It is really very simple, and that is why it is so brilliant. Who has not found themselves in a situation in which you are trying to capture the perfect group shot, whether of your kids, your friends, or any group of people, and every photo you take has something wrong with it preventing it from being that perfect shot? Someone was looking aside, not smiling, making a funny face, out of focus, and the list goes on. “Too bad cuz the rest of the picture is perfect!”

Well, what if you could simply take the face of the person not smiling out of the picture and replace it with that person’s face from another picture in which they are smiling? Yes, kind of like the movie FaceOff. That would be pretty impressive if it worked without reducing the resolution of the photo like many photo editing apps do, right?

GroupShot does exactly that and it does it flawlessly. You snap a few photos and pick and choose parts of each photo to  build the perfect shot. It’s as simple as that. Like I said, the amazing part is that this thing really works! Watch the video below and I highly recommend downloading this app here.

Just in case you are wondering, the whole blogosphere is buzzing about this app and guess how much money the developer spent on that buzz! Can you say “Zero dollars and cents”? A great product takes its users and turns them into evangelists and that is exactly what  happened here and what brought GroupShot to the top of the App Store in some countries in a matter of hours.

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