New Marketing Webinars: The Relate Live Schedule

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Relate, the digital marketing mag from Appboy (hint: this blog), is full of tips, best practices, examples, and news to help mobile and omnichannel marketers master the newest tech and navigate rising customer expectations.

Part of that mission is Relate Live, our digital events series. Below you’ll find all upcoming webinars to help you stay up to date on the mobile landscape and create fantastic campaigns. Plus, you can watch any you missed on-demand.

Check them out:

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This spring’s webinar schedule will be announced soon. Stay tuned!

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Go Inside the Stack at LTR 2017

LTR Demo

This year’s LTR conference took a deep drive into the modern marketing tech stack, exploring the different ways that technology can support brands’ efforts to create and maintain a real, sustainable connection with their customers and reach their long-term business goals.

During the event, attendees heard expert guidance from brands like ABC News, iHeartRadio, Lyft, and OkCupid, and received exclusive insights from marketing thought leader Bonin Bough, Women’s March on Washington Co-Chair Tamika D. Mallory, and many others. Watch the video now, or read the recap.

Onboarding Essentials and Best Practices for Creating Engaged Users

onboarding webinar

A user’s first session determines the rest of their journey with your brand. If your onboarding process fails to help new users understand your app’s value and core features, you may lose them faster than you acquire them.

This session walked participants through the essential components of an effective onboarding campaign and provided actionable examples. Watch the video now, or read the recap.

Your App Metrics Are Telling You How To Make Them Better


Digits, Appboy’s new mobile marketing benchmarks report, draws on data from more than 500 apps and 6.5 billion push notifications to provide a truly comprehensive look at today’s mobile marketing landscape.

This session discussed current app engagement metrics benchmarks, and what marketers can do to improve their results. Is your company beating the odds on push opt-ins but behind the times in monthly sessions? We cover what to do about it. Watch the video now, or read the recap.

The 2 Keys to Modern Holiday Marketing

Consumers are starting their holiday shopping earlier and earlier—and increasingly they’re doing that shopping on mobile, instead of in person.

Watch the session on demand for exclusive data on mobile holiday engagement and innovative messaging ideas for more effective holiday campaigns. Or, read the recap.

5 Ways to Beat Today’s Soul-Crushing App Retention Odds

Right now, the average app loses 75% of its new customers the day after first use. But poor retention isn’t inevitable—it’s what happens when a brand doesn’t have an effective retention strategy.

This retention video shares the newest data on current app retention trends and covers five best practices for retaining more users right from the start.

You can also read the recap: How To Beat Today’s Soul-Crushing App Retention Odds.

Technology Briefing: News Recap and Best Practices for Reacting to the Latest Tech News From Apple

Watch on demand Appboy’s head of marketing, Marissa Aydlett, and head of product, Kevin Wang,
discuss iOS 10 and other news. The video covers updates to the iOS 10 notification center and how brands can transfer best practices to this and other new channels.

Winning the Mobile Customer Shift, Featuring Forrester

Placing mobile bets solely on ads or a one-off purchase isn’t enough to secure revenue and engagement. This on-demand video explores how you can
create continual mobile moment strategies.

Or, read the recap: Create Mobile Moment Campaigns That Work.


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