Mobile email is a massive opportunity for marketers

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Over the last two years, email has emerged as one of the most important messaging channels in mobile. 44% of people now access email on their mobile devices, while open rates have surged to a record-breaking 31%. By the end of this year, email will be read more on mobile than on desktop computers. That’s a massive shift in usage behavior, and it creates a big opportunity for marketers to engage their customers.

Unfortunately, marketers are completely missing out on mobile email. Perhaps distracted by sexier alternatives like push notifications, they forget that email is a core component of a multi-channel messaging strategy and carries a variety of strategic benefits. For example, it’s the only messaging channel aside from push that can re-engage lapsed users. It can also be accessed at any time, and it’s great at driving purchases on desktop.

Embracing mobile email requires, first and foremost, a change in attitude. It also carries several technical and editorial considerations, such as adopting responsive design techniques and creating more bite-sized chunks of content. One thing is clear, though: marketers who take a mobile-first approach to email will reap significant benefits, especially as this messaging channel continues to grow in prominence.

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