Product Update: Announcing Influenced Push Notification Stats

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Of the 7+ trillion push notifications sent since 2009, what percentage of those were truly effective? Until recently, it would be near impossible to figure out, but with Appboy’s launch of influenced push notification stats, you can now get a much clearer sense of how users are interacting with your messaging.

Although calls to action are widely distributed through this channel, push has a greater affect on user experience than just clicking through to the app. It can be a way of delivering relevant information that might impact behavior beyond direct opens. In order to determine how this messaging can motivate or alternatively dissuade people from following through on visiting the app, Appboy’s latest update analyzes several factors to determine the power of your push notifications.

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We do this by calculating the statistical likelihood that a user opened the app after receiving a message by determining the differential between when we would expect the user to open the app normally and when they did. A variety of factors go into this, and while we can’t give away all of our secrets, sample areas we look at include the time from when the push was received and the time from the last app open to the current app open.

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After looking at the outcome and evaluating what push notifications get the most response, you will be better able to deliver more consistent, well received messaging.

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